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What we do

Marhack materializes product-lead growth by implementing product stacks, accelerating user growth, enabling self-serve sales, creating customer journeys, improving retention and increasing revenue yield.​

Cross-functional growth stacks

Cross-functional technology stack minus the expensive dev time.

User acquisition and lead generation

Cross-functional technology stack minus the dev time to implement and maintain.

User activation and onboarding

Hyper-personalized, automated user activation and onboarding.

Sales & marketing intelligence

Enrich leads, empower sales, drive self-serve sales and convert more.

Seamless data and analytics ETL pipes

Hybrid proactive support infra and value-driven upsells through automation.

Productized support & retention

Hybrid proactive support infra and value-driven upsells through automation.

For the love of product

A biweekly digest on building cool things and growing them the product-led way.

Join 6,300 other product marketers, growth experts, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Learn about the strategies and frameworks used by some of the most innovative companies in the world.

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Product-led growth enablement for your entire business funnel — from user acquisition to activation, onboarding, sales, retention and revenue growth.

We have driven $100+ Million in aggregate ARR and acquired 50k+ active users in the last ten years across 20+ businesses through product-led growth.


Less customer acquisition costs.


Increase in MRR in average order value


Increase in free-to-paid conversion rate


Reduction in monthly churn


Decrease in average sales cycle.

Working with the best for your business —

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Our proven product-lead growth strategy strawman

How effective product-led growth is implemented across the customer lifecycle.

How PLG can grow your bottomline —

Systematic, planned and carefully orchestered product-led growth happens across organizational departments and stages of the customer journey.

Cross-functional product-led growth stacks

We build cross-functional product-led growth stacks that allow product, marketing, sales, service, and analytics teams to work together in tandem toward driving successful product growth.

Establishing a shared language between the cross-functional teams will be the first step towards building a successful product-led growth stack. By establishing a common understanding of how each team is working to support the success of the product, everyone can become aligned and work together.

Using automated strategies can be key in leveraging data across all teams, as it can make sure data is kept up to date and easy to share with everyone in the team. Automation can help build a stack that integrates insights from different departments, while still respecting the privacy of users and their data.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important tools for driving product-led growth stacks. By leveraging AI and ML, teams can better detect user trends, analyse data points and spot anomalies. This, in turn, helps to develop effective and customised growth strategies.

Product-led user acquisition and lead generation

We think beyond vanilla PPC, enable productized assets as lead magnets and use value-driven demand generation that generate leads who are already galvanized towards you as a brand your trusts your product.

We work with —

On average more than 50% of trial signups never return to the product. Get more trial leads activated and engaged using persistent workflows and recovery messaging.

Identify likely converters in real time, create high-value user cohorts, peronalize your nurture campaigns at scale and offer relevant converion offers.

Reimagine your product and product components as demand-generation toolsets and create a self-propelled machinery guides users through upsell funnels and uncovers self-selected sales opportunities.

Product-led activation and onboarding

We  build the workflows and processes that onboards new users, activates trialers, and guides them towards those aha-moments that lead to conversions.

We work with —

On average more than 50% of trial signups never return to the product. Get more trial leads activated and engaged using persistent workflows and recovery messaging.

Identify likely converters in real time, create high-value user cohorts, peronalize your nurture campaigns at scale and offer relevant converion offers.

Leverage in-depth product analytics, setup granualr event tracking and zero-in on upsell and upgrade opportunities. React to user actions and generate more lifetime revenue.

Can you get a 30% lift in revenue yield within three months?

Tell us about your business funnels, answer a few questions about your pricing structure, sales, marketing, support stacks and we’ll give you five ways you can get up to 30% lift in revenues within three months. No strings attached, no commitments.

We helped some of the most innovative startups and enterprise businesses out there —

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Superlative sales and marketing intelligence

Lead your growth initiatives with data intelligence—do less busy-work and exponentially increase your marketing and sales productivity by focusing on the opportunities that deliver value. 

We work with —

Tools, stacks and technologies to identify traffic, attribute sources of conversions, and the surfacing of optimization toward Return on Ad Spends (ROAS) and ROI.

Setup processes and tools that allow for the cultivation of an active culture of experimentation, learning and CRO across the entire business from marketing to retention.

Instrument highly personalized user journeys that spans the entire life cycle of each individual customer by altering the messaging and product-engagement paths in realtime.

Surface 360° data and build bulletproof ETL pipelines

We build bulletproof ETL pipelines to surface 360° data by setting up rigorous data-gathering, validation, and transformation processes combined with streamlined interconnectivity between all business systems.

We work with —

Rely on a custom attribution model that fits how your business operates. Know not only where your users are coming from, but the quality of the source and impact on purchase. 

Empower every team in your organization with good realiable data—a connected system collects events from customer-facing apps and website as well as backend sytstems and provides a complete overview to every team in your company.

Data accuracy comes when your team no longer relies on arbitrary approximation and spreadsheets. Let automated data collection, event tracking and modelling give key stakeholders the confidence and reliability they need to make decisions.

Enable automated support and product-led retention

We enable lean businesses to support users at scale using product-led assets and implement self-serve issue resolution mechanisms. We help surface retention opportunities and identify risks using data.

We work with —

Reactive and interactive support through in-product overlays like smart tool-tips, surfacing support prompts based on engagement behaviour and celebrating micro wins.

Flags, triggers and notifications based on usage behaviour and product engagements that help identify churn risks while you still have an opportunity to retain them.

Identify your most loyal users, not just your highest paying ones. Reward brand loyalists through recognition, generate unique user stories and implement a referral programs that work.

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